Professional Maintenance is the authorized distributor and installer for Global Finishing Systems in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Revo Handheld Accelerated Curing System

Rapidly cure fillers and coatings —in three minutes or less — with the REVO Handheld. This powerful, lightweight tool is ideal for fast spot repairs, but can also be used for a variety of other applications.

Revo Speed Accelerated Curing System

Dramatically reduce curing time with REVO Speed. It quickly cures fillers and coatings completely from the inside out, saving significant time and money. 

Revo Rapid Accelerated Curing System

Significantly increase paint shop throughput without having to overhaul your current operation. The REVO Rapid quickly cures filler and coatings, and produces high-quality repairs. The compact, two-cassette system is designed for full panel repairs or body shops with space restrictions. 

Revo Spot Accelerated Curing System

Get more high-quality repairs done faster with the REVO Spot. This impressive tool is a great solution for quickly curing small surfaces. The single-cassette unit can be effortlessly moved into any paint booth, prep station or virtually any other area in a shop.