Professional Maintenance is the authorized distributor for Global Finishing Systems in North Carolina and South Carolina. Pro Main provides service for Global Booths in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Performer ES - Economy Single Skin Booth

The Performer® ES spray booth was designed and built with the value-minded shop owner in mind. Quality construction, durable hardware and reliable performance makes the Performer® ES paint booth an excellent choice for shops in need of an affordable all-in-one paint environment.

ULTRA XD - Deluxe Dual Skin Paint Booth

For paint and body shops looking for a reliable, easy-to-use paint booth that provides versatility and energy savings, the Ultra® XD spray booth answers the call. 

Performer XD - Standard Dual Skin Paint Booth

GFS’ most popular automotive refinish booth, the Performer® XD spray booth surpasses all others in its class. Perfect for small to medium-sized shops, the Performer® XD is an affordable spray booth with all the key features that you expect to see in a top-of-the-line booth. 

ULTRA XP1 - Premium Dual-Skin Paint Booth

The best in class, GFS’ Ultra XP1 paint booth sets the standard for auto refinish spray booths worldwide. Incorporated in this booth is virtually every feature that set GFS booths apart from the rest.

Performer XP1 - Standard Dual Skin Paint Booth

The Performer® XP1 is the fully loaded version of GFS’ most popular, affordable paint booth. With added features such as an integrated AdvanceCure® system, ECO package, 2-row pit, best-in-class heater and LOGIC 3 control panel, the Performer XP1 takes the standard paint booth to a new level.

ULTRA XC - Premium Dual Skin Paint Booth

Renowned in the industry and sought after by hundreds of shops worldwide, the Ultra® XC defines what a premium paint booth really means. Ultra® XC booths deliver top quality finishes, unequaled contamination control, energy efficiency, intuitive controls, and superior lighting.